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The Best 5 Minerals for Increasing Testosterone Levels

Before discovering the best 5 vitamins and minerals for increasing testosterone levels…let’s have a quick recap on the importance of T. Testosterone is a crucial male sex hormone – it’s essential for muscle growth, sexual function, fat loss and overall health. Nonetheless, T levels have been declining significantly over the past decades. Now, more than […]

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Is Penile Girth Important?

Penile girth, is that a factor we should worry about when having sex? Especially, when it comes to women* and our own pleasure? On a personal note, I have understood that a lot of women do appreciate a “minimum” girth to have pleasurable sex and eventually, enjoy a good strong orgasm. However, preferences can vary […]

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How Effective is a Testosterone Booster?

Whether it’s due to age, excess weight or disease, low testosterone levels are no fun. They promote all sorts of ailments but the most common out there are: a lack of libido, difficulties to built mass and strength, metabolic disorders, sperm production decline, and eventually, way more serious conditions. So to avoid going there, can […]

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What to Drink to Last Longer in Bed

« What to drink to last longer in bed? » When I was asked this question I’ve got to admit, it did surprise me. Frankly, I never thought about it. I can easily recommend foods to improve sexual performance but when it comes to drinks, my first thought was…well, water. However, why not dig into the matter […]

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My Sperm is Like Yellow Jelly: Why?

My sperm is like yellow jelly: why? This question or similar ones are not uncommon. In fact, I receive messages like this quite often. Which shows, how many men are experiencing this yellowish clumpy, jell-o like sperm. For instance, normal semen is usually white or slightly grey. Anything different may worry you about the state […]

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Men: How to Lose Weight from Your Butt

If you are looking to lose weight from your butt, know this: while you can’t exactly target your butt for fat loss, you can kick-start the process with clever dieting and special workouts. Got you curious? Good. So why can’t you specifically target your butt? That’s not how our bodies work. Every single one of […]

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