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7 Supplements to Boost Your Performance

7 supplements to boost your performance

7 supplements to boost your performance without side effects, here’s what today’s article is all about! The following supplements will help you improve your physical strength, your resistance and while we are at it, your muscle mass. These natural products are excellent alternatives to much dangerous synthetic ways to improve performance. However, depending on your […]

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Health Benefits of Yoga for Men

health benefits of yoga - handstand

Could you reap the health benefits of yoga as a man? In the western world, yoga is usually viewed as a practice destined for women – in order to sculpt and tone muscles. However, yoga does much more AND it wasn’t designed for one gender. Additionally, you shouldn’t think that yoga is specifically for flexible […]

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How to Have Better Orgasms

orgasms, lovers feet and legs

Better orgasms, isn’t that what we all want – the ultimate climaxing experience? Orgasms are basically the icing on the cake, something sweet and powerful that makes the experience whole. And if yours have been lacking, don’t worry, there’s more than one solution. The following tips will ensure that your next orgasms will be jaw-dropping […]

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Does Fish Oil Improve Libido and Erectile Performance?

fish oil capsules

Does fish oil improve libido and erectile performance? There are many interesting claims when it comes to the benefits of fish oil. And more specifically, the omega-3 fatty acids it contains. Omega-3’s are linked to improved mood (they are particularly useful to fight against depression & anxiety), healthier eyes, brain health and to a reduction […]

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Does a man’s penis shrink with age?

shrinking penis with age

Does a man’s penis shrink with age? You may have noticed that many things do change with the passing of the years. For instance, your hair slowly disappears, new wrinkles mark your victories and defeats, and you may lose a teeth or five! While changes occur on the outside, the inside isn’t standing still either. […]

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5 Ways to Fix Inflammation to Jack Up Testosterone

turmeric in a jar to boost testosterone

With these 5 ways to fix inflammation, your levels of testosterone will significantly rise. And you will get this improvement without any of the pesky side effects that come with anti-inflammatory medications. So, how does that work? High levels of inflammation are often a factor in hormonal imbalances. And vice versa, a good hormonal balance […]

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