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Tiny Testicles, Small Penis And Erection Problems

Are tiny testicles linked to a smaller penis and weak erections?

From the mailbag…

Hi Mark,

I have tiny testicles and erectile dysfunction and I’d like to know if the two are linked. My penis also shrunk by almost an inch.

I was affected by all this right around the same time so I have my suspicions.

Thanks Bob B.


Hello Bob,

Your tiny testicles tell me you probably have a testosterone problem, because small packages have a tendency to underproduce this hormone.

And if this is the case, I’d say yes, your atrophied testicles are part of the problem here because they’re not supplying you with enough man juice.

But not all people agree with me on this. As a matter of fact, Web MD makes this claim on their website…

“Inadequate Production of Testosterone is Not a Common Cause of Erectile Dysfunction”.

This is the party line you’re going to hear most of the time from the mainstream medical establishment, but I happen to disagree with the experts…

Because I didn’t get my facts out a pamphlet provided by a drug rep with an ulterior motive, I got mine from the school of hard knocks.

Here’s what I learned in class that semester.

When I had low testosterone, I had erectile dysfunction. But when I got my testosterone back, I didn’t.

Class dismissed.

Now let’s get some business out of the way before we go any further…

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, and what I’m about to say are my opinions only. Consult with a medical expert before acting on any of this advice, because ED may be a symptom of a more serious medical problem.

Moving on…

When your medical expert tries to hand you a prescription for Cialis or Viagra, which he’ll definitely do if you go to him complaining of erectile dysfunction, tell the fool to take a hike and do this instead…

You’re going to need your partner’s cooperation on this, but trust me, if you haven’t been giving it to her, she’ll be glad to help.

Here’s what I want you to do Robert…

Have your girl strip down to her birthday suit and get into a pose that would normally light you up.

Women are exhibitionists by nature, so if you handle this right, she’ll be more than happy to accommodate you.

Once she’s naked and in position, take special note of how you respond to this visual stimulation….

If you don’t have some strong motivation to take advantage of the goods, there’s your first clue that you have a Low T problem.


In this final step, you’re going to start tracking your early morning erections; and here’s the only rule you need to know going in…

If you achieve a morning erections even ONCE over a seven day period, this case is closed.

You don’t need Viagra my friend. You need more testosterone.

In other words, you don’t have a blood flow problem because stiff or blocked arteries don’t magically heal up in the morning; only to become dysfunctional again later that day.

But testosterone will do this.

Because testosterone is an early riser, but he also likes to go to bed early. And that bed time comes as soon as 10 am in the morning in a man with dysfunctional testicles.

So if this man tries to have sex anytime past 10 am, especially much later in day, say 10 pm at night, he may have some serious problems achieving an erection.

Tiny Testicles and Erectile Dysfunction – My opinion.

You arteries may be as smooth and flexible as a brand new water hose, but if you don’t have the Desire to have sex; those clean arteries aren’t going to help you much.

And neither will ANY of the erectile dysfunction drugs, because they won’t do squat for your libido.

They’ll give you the hard wood, and that’s it.

And my OPINION Robert, based on the limited information I have – is that your problem may have to do with the lack of desire to have sex, due to low testosterone.

Your atrophied testicles are what make me believe this.

In other words, if your testicles were producing testosterone to the tune of 900 ng/dl, we wouldn’t be having this conversation, because you’d be a walking erection machine.

Of course, I may be wrong about this, but you’ll know for certain once your girl strikes a pose.

Once she does, if you don’t have a strong urge to take advantage of the situation, all you need to do is get more juice.

Problem solved.


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