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Testicle Enlargement Surgery – Is It Worth It?

get bigger testicles - Testicle Enlargement SurgeryHi Mark,

Have you written anything about testicle enlargement surgery?

I’m curious to know if this is a viable option for someone who has unusually small testicles.

Mine are about the size of a grape and I haven’t been able to increase their size much even though I’ve tried for years.



Hello DB,

I’m not a big fan of doctors, drugs, scalpels or pain…

Especially if there’s an alternative that actually makes you a better man from the inside out.

So sure, you could go in and see a specialist who will slice your scrotum open and slip some testicular implants around your boys…

But it will all be a sham, because they won’t function like a truly healthy set of testicles. Not only that, you’ll have a synthetic silicone polymer hugging your family jewels 24/7.

And you have to wonder, will this silicone blanket overheat your testicles? Or will chemicals from the testicular implants leach into your scrotum?

These are the questions you need to ask yourself before you decide to take the risk.

Here’s another question to add to your list…

Will these impostors feel natural when your girl reaches down and touches them? The word on the street is, they won’t.

Manufacturers have been working hard to get this right, but I know of two men who’ve had the surgery and both complained that the implants were too hard and didn’t feel right.

Not only that, but these silicone barriers will make it almost impossible to check for lumps on your testes.

And trust me, if you have a tumor down there, you need to know about it as soon as possible.

Another problem is the cost of this…

The top testicle enlargement surgery doctor in the US charge up to ten grand for the procedure.

You can go to Mexico and get a better deal, but this idea is so incredibly bad it’s not even worth considering.

Here’s another thing…

When you go through an airport screening, the implants are going to show up on the monitor because they’re synthetic.

So you can add extreme embarrassment to the list of negatives that come along with this surgery.

I’m not a big fan of the American Medical Association, but even these guys were smart enough reject this procedure.

This pretty much sums up my take on this, DB.

But I do need to add an addendum before we wrap up…

I’ve been discussing the negatives of testicle enlargement surgery in men who have two healthy, functioning testicles.

What I’m NOT talking about are men who have lost one of both of their testes…

Because in this situation, all bets are off. If I were missing one or both of my boys, I’d take another look at this myself…

Because an implant used to replace a missing testicle is a valid procedure, while messing with a healthy set of functioning testicles is definitely not.

So I say you reject this idea and do this instead.

Good luck,

Update – Natural Ways to Increase Testicle Size

Like I said, surgery is almost always a bad choice. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about your undersized package.

In fact, there are tons of natural ways you can increase the size of your balls.

Natural is the key word here, meaning there’s no chemicals, drugs, or painful procedures involved.

As a bonus, most of these methods don’t cost a thing – but they do require commitment and consistency.

Below are a few of my top methods to increase testicle size naturally.

Sleep at Least 8 Hours

There’s a reason this is number one on my list. Sleep has been proven to be one of the single most impactful things when it comes to male testosterone levels.

Why 8 hours per night? That’s the sweet spot for elevated T levels. Science has proven this time and time again.

One study took two groups of men and had one sleep for 4 hours per night, while the other slept 8 hours per night.

When tested in the morning, the guys sleeping at least 8 hours showed more than double the testosterone in their bodies compared to the 4-hour group. (source)

Eat a Balanced Diet

When I say balanced, I mean eat a bit of everything: protein, carbs, fat, sugars, etc.

One of the worst things you can do for your testosterone levels is take your dietary intake out of whack. Let me explain.

Protein is often said to be the best thing for men to eat, especially those who are trying to build muscle. However, high-protein diets aren’t necessarily good for your T levels.

This is especially true if you eat high-protein and low-carb at the same time. Multiple studies have shown that diets like this can have a significant negative impact on overall testosterone levels. (source, source)

So how do you balance protein and carbs? I recommend getting about 20% of your daily calories from protein and about 50% of your daily calories from carbohydrates.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise is critical for overall health, and it’s seriously impactful when it comes to testosterone levels.

There are a few forms of exercise that provide the biggest benefits in terms of T levels.

The first is resistance training. In this case, I’m talking about weight lifting.

In a study out of Spain, researchers tested a group of young men with no prior experience lifting weights in a gym to see what impact it would have on their T levels.

After just 4 weeks of training three days per week, subjects showed an average 40% increase is resting testosterone levels. (source)

High-intensity intervals are also excellent for increasing testosterone levels. Here I’m talking about short sprints, whether running or cycling.

Multiple studies have shown that consistent interval exercise can significantly increase total testosterone and free testosterone. (source, source)

While more intense training will provide the biggest benefits, even light exercise does have benefits for testosterone levels.

Studies have shown that even light activities like walking, doing yard work, hiking, or playing sports with friend can all cause an increase in testosterone levels. (source)

This study even showed that exercise had a bigger impact on T levels than diet. The key is to stay consistent and get active on a regular basis.


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