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Sexual Benefits of Black Ginger for Men

Let’s discover the sexual benefits of black ginger together…

While ginger is well known in the West, black ginger isn’t exactly a staple here, yet.

Nonetheless, it’s slowly becoming a new “super” ingredient – especially, when it comes to its effects on sexual health. And rightfully so!

So, what is black ginger?

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Discovery of a Thai Gem: Black Ginger

Black ginger – otherwise known as Kaempferia parviflora – is a herbaceous plant native to Thailand.

South-eastern Asians use this plant for its alleged positive effects on male sexuality: an increased libido and endurance, and improved erections.

In recent years, black ginger has been the subject of increased scientific interest. This little known plant could be a good alternative to pharmaceuticals such as Viagra and Cialis.

Such pharmaceuticals work by inhibiting an enzyme known as phosphodiesterase-5 – or PDE-5.

This enzyme cleaves a bond in the compound cAMP. A compound known to mediate vasodilation (aka the relaxing of blood vessels).

By inhibiting PDE-5, cAMP stays longer in the blood and thus, improves blood flow via nitric oxide synthesis (aka the gas that boosts blood flow).

Nitric oxide is a crucial gas for erections as it increases vasodilation and thus, increases blood supply, particularly in the penis erectile chambers – which ensures longer lasting and much harder erections.

When it comes to black ginger, it does pretty much the same as pharmaceuticals such as Viagra.

However, it isn’t quite as potent but it doesn’t come with the heavy duty side effects of those either.

For instance, with this plant, you won’t risk having severe migraines, dizziness or worst case scenario, priapism, a never-ending erection…

But that’s not it, black ginger can do even more!

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Sexual Benefits of Black Ginger for Men

Black ginger also acts on the dopaminergic system, boosting the levels of dopaminea neurotransmitter that plays a crucial role in normal sexual function.

This can be particularly useful for erectile dysfunction sufferers and people who tend to masturbate a lot.

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Moreover, an increase of dopamine improves your mood and helps to deal with stress, anxiety and depression with more ease. (1)

And this could be it to consider black ginger far more superior than its pharmaceutical counterparts but, as you’ve guessed, it isn’t.

This extremely interesting plant can also improve several other things.

For instance, black ginger can:

  • Decrease the period of erectile latency – which makes you attain an erection faster
  • Improve symptoms of BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia), an enlarged prostate
  • Improve brain function and decrease the risk of neurodegenerative disease such as Alzheimer’s and dementia
  • May promote lifespan by activating a gene called sirtuin 1
  • And finally, it may even increase both girth and length of a flaccid penis!

Additionally, the blood-boosting properties of black ginger can also improve heart health.

Moreover, this plant has the ability to increase caloric expenditure – which will result in a higher metabolic rate.

In other words, you will burn more calories, have a faster physical recovery, have an improved resistance to stress, sleep better and have an energy boost.

While on the subject of black ginger metabolic properties, it is worth mentioning that it also activates brown adipose tissue.

A 2014 study showed that black ginger increases this type of body fat, which possesses thermogenic properties and boosts weight-loss and energy production. (2)

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Sexual Benefits of Black Ginger: How to Use & Conclusion

You are now well-versed into black ginger’s properties. So, you should also know that there is little to no evidence when it comes to any adverse effects.

But do respect dosage and just in case, watch for any adverse reaction at first.

Also, if you take medications, consult your physician to ensure that they are compatible with black ginger.

Should you suffer from arrhythmias or pre-existing ones, you may want to abstain from this plant.

So, what’s an effective dose of black ginger?

Usually, it’s recommended to take between 1000 to 1500 mg daily.

Prefer extracts that have been controlled by an independent company.

Finally, Muy Thai boxers often associate black ginger to an herb called Butea Superb for increased results.

Important note: DO NOT combine black ginger with other PDE-5 inhibitors such as Viagra and Cialis.

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This article “Sexual Benefits of Black Ginger for Men” was written by Michael King.

(1) Kaempferia parviflora and Its Methoxyflavones: Chemistry and Biological Activities. Chen D, Li H, Li W, Feng S, Deng D. Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 2018

(2) Kaempferia parviflora extract increases energy consumption through activation of BAT in mice. Yoshino S, Kim M, Awa R, Kuwahara H, Kano Y, Kawada T. Food Sci Nutr. 2014

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