Testicle Growth Testimonials

He Tripled His Ejaculation Volume


Not only are my testicles increasing in size ( following your tips), but my ejaculations are indeed more intense now and volume has nearly tripled from what it was about a month ago – – noticing also that the thickness of my loads is changing significantly!

Keep up with the great advice bro!


A 140 Point Jump In Testosterone

Hi Mark,

This is the guy that had blood work done after taking the herbal testosterone formula you talk about on your website.

Just thought I would let you know that a friend of mine was interested, especially after I had my results, so he ordered some and I gave him the exact same directions your site gave for dosage.

He was sure his problems stemmed from low T.

He took it for 3 months and still was feeling like it was not working so he went to the doc at Kaiser to see about T therapy.

The doc took his test and his T levels were up 140 points since taking the herbal T on your site.

Talk about a blind study.

He was sure it wasn’t working but the test results were consistent with mine.  Needless to say the doc did not think low T was his problem.  Actually it was his diet (that also affects T levels).

At any rate, even with the bad diet the herbal T formulas raised his levels 140 points.  I think you now have proof from myself as well as from someone who did not believe it was working that it indeed raised testosterone levels.


Bigger Balls And Bigger Loads


I can say that your program really works because I’ve seen the proof myself!

My balls are much bigger than they were before I started your course and I am clearly ejaculating more when I climax.

I am also more confident and sure of myself when talking with women, probably because my testicles are making more hormones than they were when they were quite a bit smaller.

You’re doing a great service here Mark.

Keep up the good work!

Ethan B.

Man Boobs Almost Completely Gone

Hi Mark,

I’m usually disappointed when I buy an ebook online because the sales hype never matches up with what you actually get, but your book has been the exception.

I been following your action plan, step by step, and aside from one small setback with the backloading phase discussed in chapter 4 ( I pushed the nighttime loading too hard), it’s all been great.

I’ve definitely lost weight, my man-boobs are almost completely gone and my sex drive is as high as it was ten years ago.

You’ve helped me tremendously and I want to thank you for that.

Chase W.

Orgasm Intensity Has Gone Way Up

Hello Mark,

After implementing the techniques in your ebook (most but not all of them – YET) I’ve experienced several positive changes.

I have lost weight, I’m a total beast in the bedroom according to my girlfriend (I can ejaculate twice in half an hour) and I have wood almost every morning when I wake up.

This is a big change from where I was before when I couldn’t even climax sometimes when I was having sex.  Not only can I easily cum now, but the intensity of the orgasms has gone way up.

It’s been a long time since I felt this good about my sexuality and I want to thank you Mark.

Josh D.

Time To Take Action

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