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A Quick Message Before Accessing Your New Program..

Hi there, this is Mark Wilson and first of all I’d like to thank you for your order, and above all I’d like to let you know how much I appreciate you being man enough to take this first step.

Low testosterone and small testicles are conditions that plague many men and as you now know, the numbers are increasing at an alarming rate.

There are few reliable solutions to this problem and I’m glad that you are now on track to increased testicle size, high testosterone and a healthy, masculine body.

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I’d also like to let you in on a secret..

Members of the Big Natural Testicles club have constantly harassed me month after month to give them access to the Low Testosterone Remedy full video program which includes high testosterone workouts, sexual fitness meals, and more essential insider information to help them to get a muscular, manly frame and burn fat away from the body as well boosting testosterone and testicle size.

You see, so many of us not only prefer following a fitness and nutritional course on screen, but we enjoy being taken through an exercise course with a clear and instructive video that helps us to lose weight, build hard muscle and eat healthily.

Add to this the fact that most men who join my club are already out of shape and overweight, lacking muscle and having real troubles staying trim and you start to understand where it’s all coming from.

Over 75% of my members demand this on video too..

Powerful and instructive videos to help you shed fat, build muscle and boost your testosterone faster, more reliably and without delay.

A video course where I’ll be talking to you one-on-one, showing you exactly how to exercise and eat to get hormones positively flooding and the fat stripped off your body.

What You Get From My Testosterone Video Course For Boosting Your Hormones And Losing Weight Extremely Fast

For men that really want to power up their testosterone levels and get a body that women are attracted to by following my instructional videos, step by step and not even thinking about anything else, this is the ideal solution. Here is what you’ll get in my full video and ebook series:

VIDEO 1: Testosterone Antagonists – Foods That Are Killing You

  • Discover the dangerous chemical foods that are sabotaging your manhood and that you need to steer clear of to avoid weight gain, plummeting testosterone levels and harmful testicular atrophy. Avoid these and feel your energy soar within just 1 or 2 weeks.
  • Learn about the sneaky food additives, fake “non-foods”, and the “health foods in disguise” that are ruining your hormones day by day, causing heart disease, diabetes and even cancer, and discover how to kick them into touch for good.
  • Find out the unique methods I use to root out and eliminate the fake, intrusive ingredients for good, and keep it that way for a healthy, wholesome life.

VIDEO 2: The Sexual Fitness Diet For Real Men

  • The most powerful super foods for burning fat, boosting sex drive and eliminating brain fog
  • How to choose your goods to get the best value nutrition, for your money, reverse diabetes, reduce high cholesterol and improve heart health within weeks
  • See how I make tasty, nutritious meals in my kitchen (anyone can make them, even men who can’t cook) to boost your erection quality and increase ejaculation volume
  • Let me share with you my favorite, delicious recipes that allow you to eat your favorite foods and lose fat, while increasing testosterone fast

VIDEO 3: Workouts To Skyrocket Testosterone Levels

  • How to work out less (yes less) to accelerate fat loss, boost endorphins and experience pleasing surges of testosterone within minutes
  • How to avoid the cardio trap that so many men fall into, which results in a weak hormones, reduced muscular mass and weight gain around the abdominal area
  • How to cycle 3 different workouts per week that last just 12 minutes every time, to keep your body “guessing” and reacting accordingly
  • How to get your wife or partner exercising the same way, and for her to get a toned, slim frame you’ve dreamed of her having for years

In short, my video course will deliver all the good things that High Levels of Testosterone bring to a man…

Things like…

  • Fat Loss
  • Powerful Erections
  • Elevated Sex Drive
  • Increased Motivation
  • Emotional Well Being
  • More Ejaculation Volume
  • Increased Sexual Performance
  • Enhanced Verbal & Social Skills

And You’ll Get These 3 Additional Ebooks For Free As My Bonus Gift To You….

1. A QuickStart Exercise Ebook

  • Get started fast with all the important information in an easy to understand format.
  • A Q&A section that will answer any questions you may have as you get started. The concise info inside this ebook will have you off and running in a matter of minutes.
  • Plenty of motivation and inspiration to ensure that you will get it done.
  • A full workout schedule to get organized for the next few months

2. Sexual Fitness Diet Plan

  • Learn the tricks I use to eat the food I like and still lose weight and remain lean and hard
  • Discover the tricks to feed your muscles with nutrients to go straight to your muscles
  • All the rules and recommendations summed up in one tidy ebook program
  • Use the diet plan to help your wife or partner to get slim and firm, just like you want

3. Sexual Fitness Recipes

This anabolic diet was designed specifically for men looking to maximize Testosterone Production and Sexual Fitness.

Men who still want to engage in vigorous sexual activity, but are slowly but surely losing the ability to do so.

Men who still want to engage in vigorous sexualIf you’d like to get your body and your Sex Life back on track, you’ll find the tools you need to make that happen right here.activity, but are slowly but surely losing the ability to do so.

  • A potent protein combination that spikes anabolic hormones in your body, almost instantly.
  • 21 hormone suppressing foods that you need to eliminate from your life, now!
  • A common food item that’s been known to cause erectile dysfunction for more than 200 years, yet no one seems to be talking about it.
  • A vegetable you can easily cook at home that will flush feminizing estrogen out of your system in double time.
  • The link between heartburn and suppressed hormones (and the food you’re eating every day that’s causing it).
  • The highly touted “Health Food” that literally floods your body with feminizing compounds.
  • The REAL cause of your bloated belly ( has nothing to do with excessive food intake OR willpower)
  • Much, much more

I’ve sold thousands of copies to men who were more than happy to send me their unsolicited feedback

“More Alive And Invigorated”


I’ve been on an incredible run for the last 4 weeks and I owe it all to you.

This diet has gotten rid of the unsightly belly I’ve been living with for years.

The bloating is gone, and I’ve finally come to realize my problem had NOTHING to do with willpower and everything to do with eating foods my body does not tolerate well.

I’m no longer in the dumps mentally and I just feel more alive and invigorated.

Thanks for everything Mark!

Martin B, St. Louis Mo

“Sex Drive Is As High As It Was 10 Years Ago”


…..Here are my results.

My erectile dysfunction has completely disappeared and my sex drive is as high as it was 10 years ago.

I get a regular blood panel through work, and my total testosterone level is over 600 for the first time since I started testing it.

But the real bonus is, my body looks completely different.

Before I started I weighed 226. I’m now right at 200 and have replaced most of the fat with real muscle.

Women actually look at me in the grocery store now, when before it was like I didn’t even exist.

Your system has really worked for me, and I wanted to let you know about it.

Thank you Mark!


“Your System Has Really Improved My Life”

I just wanted to let you know that your system has really improved my life.

I have dropped about 25 pounds over the last 3 months to my ideal weight range, and my body looks better than it ever has in my adult life.

Also, my libido has come back and my erectile dysfunction has significantly diminished!

Thanks again for your help


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And in case you are still on the fence, here are yet more unsolicited testimonials I have received from men following this very course:

“I’m Down 76 Pounds As Of Today”

Hello Mark,

My old 300 pound weight is now a thing of the past. I’m down 76 pounds as of today and the weight just keeps coming off.

I’ve dieted a lot over my life time, and this one here takes the cake, because I’m NEVER hungry.

I followed the advice you gave me and eat to fullness at every meal, something I was never able to do on the other diets.

But despite all this food intake, I’m still losing weight!

Thank you Mark!

Kevin B. Phoenix, AZ

“The Last Two Weeks Have Been Great..”

The last two weeks have been great hormonally. I even have the hormonal smell that you talk about.

My guess is that I have been swimming in estrogen most of my adult life…My heaviest weight was 215, at 6 feet.

I’m now 185, with good muscle tone.

Again, thanks for getting me started!

All the Best,


“My Wife Calls Me A Stud!”

I work in healthcare and understand anatomy and physiology. My strength has gone up and cardio stamina increased. But, most importantly, my wife now calls me a stud!

Mark, I am so thankful to you. We are having the best sex of our 20+ year marriage and it is getting better. Not only have all the problems disappeared, I am performing better than when I was 20…I kid you not. I’ve peeled of weight and have a six pack. Thank you, sincerely.

If I can help you somehow, please let me know.

Best Regards,

Mr. T

I Confirm That:

  • I will experience natural, powerful testosterone surges following this fitness course
  • I will gain access to a highly effective sexual fitness diet video and ebook course
  • I will get access to a full and complete list of sexual fitness recipes to boost sex drive
  • That I will have instant access to the video course and I can start today
  • That this video course is fully covered by a solid 60 day money-back guarantee
  • That I will notice significant improvements in my life by following this course