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Hi, my name is Mark Wilson.mark-wilson

And since you asked, here’s my situation:

I came into this testicle thing through the back door.

Because one day I woke up and realized I’d lost almost all of my testosterone…

So my life sucked pretty much every day of the week (sorry, there’s no other way to put this).

And this is what got me thinking about my testicles…

Actually, obsessed would be a better word.

Because once I really started paying attention,  I noticed a pattern…

And it happened like clockwork.

On low testosterone days my testicles were always real small…

And my ejaculation volume was always real small too.

But when I was having a good day….

They were always real big.

And my ejaculation volume was always real big too.

Then I realized something else…

I was a much happier man when my testosterone levels were up…

Especially when my testicles were big and loaded with semen – and I had sex drive to burn.

And since I like being happy, I dropped everything…

And spent the next four years working on this testicle thing.

And guess what?  After a lot of work I figured it out.

And once I did….

My testosterone levels suddenly blew straight thru the roof…

And my testicles more than doubled in size.

I’d found that happy place.  And it felt good.

And what came next?

All of a sudden I got hit with this wave of energy, motivation and drive to achieve…

Because these are the things that large testicles bring to a man.

So I needed an outlet.

And it didn’t take me long to find one…

Within 22 months…

I’d built the biggest, most successful website on natural testosterone production on the planet…

Which allowed me to spend 5 magical years teaching my methods to millions of men worldwide…

And along the way I developed one of the most fiercely loyal followings in cyberspace…

A group of men who all have the same objectives:

  • Keep it simple
  • Don’t mess with drugs or steroids
  • Don’t feel any guilt about your obsession with your testicles…

Because your testicles define who you are as a man.

But that’s not the end of the story….

Right in the middle of this frenzy, I met someone.

A man named Jon Remington.

And he and I had a hell of a lot in common.

You see, he came into this testicle thing through the back door too….

But he wasn’t a low T man. He had erectile dysfunction. 

And since he’s a smart guy…

He came to many of the same conclusions I’d come to.

Most importantly…

He figured out that the erections don’t arrive unless the testicles are working properly….

So he became obsessed with his package too.

And a while he got things working again….

Brought his erections back.  Rebuilt his sex drive.

Found that happy place too.

And like me, he felt like he needed to spread the word.

And spread he did….

In less than two years he’d built a highly successful website…

Developed his own fierce and loyal following.

Then went on to create the most effective erectile dysfunction treatment program available anywhere…


This website is a collaboration between myself and Jon Remington.

And we’re damn proud of it.

I’m the front man, the face of this organization…

And every article you’ll read here was written by me.

But Jon’s imprint on this venture runs deep…

He’s the brains and energy behind all of our training material.

And we’re damn proud of this material too.

So there you have it.

Now that you know us, I’d like you to introduce yourself.

Here’s how you can say hi….

Download this free ebook and we’ll be in touch via email.

Then we can continue this conversation 🙂


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  1. I have a couple of questions. First it had to do with erections. When I have an erection it is more of a hang down erection. It only has a little lift to it. It is hard but does not stick straight out or up. If it would be hard and point straight up or even straight out that would be great. But I have been reading and from what I have read what I have, is what I have and that’s all there is too it. My second question. I did not seem to see this information on your site but maybe it is in your ebook. But I have read that if a man massages his testicles several times a week it will cause them to slowly enlarge and also his testosterone levels will increase. What are your thoughts on this? Now for my last question and one that I hope I can find a answer to. When I masturbate my cum does not squirt or shoot out but it just flows out. So why is that? Should it not be shooting out? This may sound like a dumb question but I have wondered about it.

    1. Hi Mark,
      From your comments it would appear very probably that you have low testosterone.
      Yes, a testicular massage can indeed stimulate increased natural testosterone production.
      You can read more about increasing your own testosterone from home right here.

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